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I wanted to join a company that’s setting and leading the trends within the Integration space.

Heinrich Dedekind - Integration Specialist at Yenlo

Heinrich Dedekind - Integration Specialist at Yenlo

Heinrich Dedekind, Integration Specialist at Yenlo

Heinrich Dedekind is an integration consultant at Yenlo. He relocated from South Africa to the Netherlands to join Yenlo in December 2021. It was Heinrich’s dream to relocate and work abroad because he wanted to experience new cultures, new people, and new challenges. While working as an integration engineer in South Africa, Yenlo quickly became Heinrich’s source of truth for all thing’s integration related. So, for Heinrich, the stars aligned when he got the opportunity to work for Yenlo.

I was working with WSO2 in South Africa and there were a quite a few late nights trying to solve complex problems and Yenlo’s blog posts was one of the sources of truth that I consulted.

In South Africa, I worked with the WSO2 products while interning in the integration team at one of my previous employers. As an intern, I proceeded to read quite a few blog posts and articles. On Google, Yenlo would normally be one of the first blog posts or threads that would appear. So, I was quite familiar with Yenlo for quite some time before joining them. Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it because I wanted to join a company that is setting and leading the trends within the Integration space. And I wanted to put myself in a room where I would be challenged by smart people that I could learn from. I like being put in a challenging and uncomfortable environment because I feel like that is the best place to grow.

Working at Yenlo really provides a safe space, there is a growing and nurturing culture at Yenlo.

Although I like to be challenged, I do need to be in a safe space where I feel comfortable to acknowledge that I do not always know everything but be willing to learn and experiment with innovative ideas. One of the statements when I joined the team was: “Look, if there’s something you don’t know, feel free to ask questions.” That is a particularly good indication for me with regards to the culture of the team. This kind of mentality is something which has continued to echo throughout the company’s culture.

Nobody knows everything but there is somebody who could know something that you do not so be open about what you might lack so that you can grow and learn new skills. Working in such a diverse and international company also provides you with the unique opportunity to experience how different developers think and approach/solve problems. That makes it exciting to learn new ways of going about a specific problem.

We have onboarded new partners and we have new products such as Boomi and Azure within our technology toolbox. That provides us a lot of room to play and learn with other tools and technologies. For me specifically at this stage, I am excited to learn more about Azure integration space, as well as to continue growing my Java knowledge or even dabble is some python as there are many ways to provide a solution. I will also continue stepping out of my comfort zone.

Relocating to the Netherlands, Yenlo was there every step of the way. They went beyond what I expected. I felt incredibly special and unique. They did everything they could to make it easy and to make me feel as welcome as possible.

Yenlo made me feel supported throughout the entire process. They really went extra-mile with my onboarding process even helping me out with personal specific situations. I would call or message and say: “Hey, I’m a bit nervous about this or that.” And one thing I have learned and appreciated is that I could be completely open and honest with them, and they will help you to the best of their ability.

Everyone has been so welcoming. I relocated with my girlfriend and when we landed, they even took the time to meet her as well. I received a little welcome package; they even went as far as to send some items for her as well. I have never experienced anything like that in my life, so I felt very welcomed, special, and very valued.