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Working at Yenlo is fun and challenging in a good way.

Marloes Klaver- Marketing Manager at Yenlo

Marloes Klaver - Marketing Manager at Yenlo

Marloes Klaver, Marketing Manager at Yenlo

Marloes Klaver has been Marketing Manager at Yenlo for one and a half year now. Even before that, she was familiar with Yenlo because she was already working for the company as a freelance Google Ads Expert. Marloes liked working for Yenlo so much that she decided to join the company as a Marketing Manager. At Yenlo, Marloes finds everything she wants: challenge, fun, autonomy, versatility, and great colleagues.

At Yenlo it’s not just cloud-first but also people first

I worked with Yenlo before. And I liked the way the company is set up; it’s not hierarchical at all. The whole structure of the organization is open. The managers and C-level are very approachable. You really feel that you matter as a person. You’re not just an employee to them that needs to get the work done. And that also shows in the trust that they give you. They’re very open to feedback and input. And it’s also easy to get things done around here because managers are so approachable and really listen to what you’ve got to say.

My colleagues are the best thing about working for Yenlo

But, it’s not only management that makes it fun to work for Yenlo. All my colleagues are just so open. I like to chat with my colleagues while we grab a coffee. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the office, it’s warm and inviting. The colleagues at Yenlo are also super helpful. Even though everyone is really busy, they all make time if you need help. We have a lot of good laughs too in the office. There’s just always a good vibe!

Great teamwork

But obviously, it’s not all fun and games. We also need to get the work done. And there’s lots to do, but also lots to learn. I could never get bored at Yenlo. And what I also love is that we get a lot of trust, not only to give input but also to explore new things.

Also, we have a great marketing team. Together we have a very good vibe. We can spar with each other, and everyone is super productive and driven within their own expertise, and that’s how we strengthen each other as a team.

Trust in each other is also very important to me. We do it together and it’s okay to make mistakes. We can only learn from them and become better.

If you come up with a new idea for a marketing campaign, for example, or if you want to add something new to the marketing mix, you won’t be shut down. You’ll be listened to. Creativity and initiative are appreciated around here.

At Yenlo, no two days are the same

A typical day for me starts with a cup of coffee and a chat with whoever else is getting coffee. And then, my day is just busy. I have a lot of meetings. Sometimes I have time for a conversation with a co-worker. Everyone has lunch at the same time together, and if I have time, I also join. So overall, my days are very dynamic. And also challenging in a good way.