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I'm working over a year as a support engineer and system administrator at Yenlo.

Yunus Olum - Support Engineer and system administrator at Yenlo

Yunus Olum - Support engineer and system administrator at Yenlo

Yunus Olum, support engineer and system administrator

Yunus Olum has been working for over a year as a support engineer and system administrator at Yenlo. He’s responsible for keeping all applications running and technically onboarding all new employees. Yunus values the sense of freedom, the learning opportunities, and the atmosphere Yenlo offers him. At Yenlo, Yunus feels appreciated and well taken care of.

Yenlo cares about its employees; they always try to help you out if you need help

The work mentality at Yenlo is to work hard, yes. But we also get to be relatively free in our work. We can choose how and where we want to do our work. For example, when I started working for Yenlo, I had to attend a wedding abroad for which I didn’t want to take time off. So, Yenlo allowed me to go to the wedding and work from home while I was abroad for two weeks. Things like that give me a feeling of freedom.

I don’t want to get stuck in a job where I know everything and have nothing more to learn. The opportunities to keep on developing myself professionally and to learn new things every day is what I like about Yenlo

One of the things I value most in my job is that I learn new things and constantly develop myself professionally. I quit my old job, because after five years, there weren’t any growth opportunities for me anymore. It made me really reluctant to go to work. What I like about Yenlo is that not only do you have ample opportunities for growth but also that there are so many experienced people working here. So, there are always opportunities to learn from colleagues. But also if you want to develop in your job, you can do a course or get certificates. Or just find a new role within the company.

I was surprised to receive a summer package with beach stuff such as a coolbox and towels in it

At Yenlo, you don’t just come to work to do your job and get paid. Yenlo takes excellent care of its employees by doing small extra things. For example, the fridges are full of sodas, and there’s free fruit and candy for us. Sometimes they send us gifts, such as the summer package we received in June. And last year they organized an event because we had merged with a couple of other companies so employees from the different companies could get to know each other. Generally speaking, the atmosphere in the office is cheerful. We have a chill room where we can relax and play games. And everybody is just very helpful. After working for a year for Yenlo, I got a permanent contract. I’m really happy about that because I’m having a good time working for Yenlo.