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Not only were the needs from the company mentioned, they also listened to what I would like.

Zeneb Mansour Baker - Migration Consultant at Yenlo

Career switch: How Zeneb ended up at Yenlo

"So what do you want to do?" a friend asks after I grumble heavily about another workday. I shrug. 'That's the problem, I don't really know. Something in ICT appeals to me, I have an affinity with that. But I also want to remain a service provider, that's what I do like about my job as Facilities Officer.'

I have been thinking about it for a long time. One thing is certain: I want something else.

A career switch

Doing something I really enjoy and that gives me energy. I can already hear my friend sighing. 'If you want something different you have to go for it! Instead of grumbling.' But that's easy for him to say. He has made his hobby his job and has become rock solid at it.

I go for it, I just try it. There's nothing to lose, right? A friend who is a recruiter suggested he might be interested in reviewing my resume. With a lot of applications came a lot of rejections. What was I thinking? I studied facilities management. Of course they are not going to hire me in a completely different field without any experience. But I'm eager to learn and I want to so badly. Moreover, I am heartily approachable and a hard worker. How am I supposed to convince an employer of that? Or is it because of my name after all? No, it probably isn't.

Yes, an invitation for an interview! The time has come. I can now use words and gestures to describe why I want this so badly. In front of the webcam, of course, because well, corona.

Just put on a nice blouse, fix your hair and go. I ended up having several conversations. Unfortunately... insufficiently technical.

But always the words: 'You would fit well in our team and you are strong in communication'.

But then. Just when I was letting go of my dream a bit, an unexpected option popped up around the corner. Once I received and read through the job posting, mild panic shot through me. My eyes scrolled down: Education: university degree in BI or college computer science.

'That's not going to be it' I said to my friend.

"Why not?

I look at him irritated. 'Did you read the job posting?'

'Just go for an interview, who knows.'

No sooner said than done. An online introduction was scheduled with Dini and Hilbert of Yenlo. An enlightening and above all honest conversation. Not only were the needs from the company mentioned, they also listened to what I would like. 'Would you like to...?' And so we arrived at a position I would fit in well, that of HRM Migration Consultant.

A Traineeship was introduced where I get six months to get ready to become a Migration Consultant. Or as Dini nicely described it;

'To turn you as a pony into a Unicorn'.

In the meantime, I started my Traineeship at Yenlo on April 1. Was it worth all the effort? Hell yes!